Monday, 16 July 2012

Reviewing new books

It is always a delight when we receive new books to review for the website, and last week was no exception with the arrival of a lovely selection of books from PatrickGeorge. The vibrant choice of colours and the clever use of acetate give all of the books a unique feel, which I’m sure will make them long term favourites with young children and adults alike.
Included in the parcel were two new books ‘I Taste’ and ‘I See’ from a series based around the 5 senses, I love the illustrations which are bold and colourful but I also love the humour, which I feel will make children want to look at the books again and again.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Etsy favourites

Etsy is a great place for finding quality hand-made toys for your children of all ages. 
Here are a few of my current favourites for July:

1. Play Teepee - Children love to be able to hide away and these lovely teepees are ideal for both inside and outside. I love the selection of designs too!
2. Tell Me a Story set - What a great idea, especially useful for developing language skills, it could be used as a one to one activity or with a small group, every story being different.
3. Fruit Tree Lacing set - Threading is always a popular activity and attaching fruit to the tree adds another dimension teaching children about where different fruits come from.
4. Wooden Cornwall Village play set - I love this set, the colours remind me of sunbleached scenes from holidays past. Each set is hand crafted and painted making them that bit more special that the usual sets you can buy.